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Managing Director, Alex & Red

Mr. Mann is Managing Director for Alex & Red, our mid-management search firm, and has conducted numerous search assignments for clients across the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific. He has recruited financial, legal, corporate development, sales, marketing, technology, real estate and compliance professionals for public and private clients, including Fortune 500 corporations, start-up enterprises, professional services firms and not-for-profit organizations. Mr. Mann’s other experience includes serving as a Client Account Manager for Bowne, a NYSE financial, marketing and business communications services company, where he assisted Fortune 100 clients in the development of equity and debt offerings, regulatory filings and other shareholder and compliance materials. Mr. Mann earned an MBA with honors from The University of Houston and his undergraduate degree from The University of Texas at Austin.

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More About JOHN M.

Where are you from?

I am originally from Redondo Beach, California and later moved to Northern California where I lived for several years before moving to Houston, Texas.

How did you get into search?

My career did not begin with a search firm. I began my career with a financial communications company where I was quickly promoted into a position managing one of the company’s largest client accounts (a Fortune 100 energy company). I became well acquainted with the company’s management team, investment bankers, legal counsel and auditors. I enjoyed working with the company as they executed growth strategies through the issuance of public equity and debt and I helped the company defend itself against hostile takeovers and SEC inquiries. While continuing to work full time, I enrolled part-time and in the evenings into graduate school and received my MBA. After graduating, I decided to take a risk and pursue a career in recruiting, which is an excellent fit. I continue to consult with my clients and their organizations to meet critical objectives.

What do you love about your work?

I like that no two searches or clients are the same and I love that I learn every day – sometimes it’s about a new industry, sometimes a new position. I love using my intuition and bringing people together and I love the challenge of a difficult search. My clients have given me complex search assignments in remote locations such as Nigeria and Angola and the experience has been invaluable and immensely rewarding.

What impresses you?

Confident, intelligent, engaging people with a sense of humor.

If you weren't in search, what would you do?

I'd be an entrepreneur applying all of the skills I learned from search and put them to work in running my own business.