Leading a not-for-profit organization or serving on its board requires not only an understanding of the role of philanthropy in society, but also a unique combination of business judgment, strategic vision, and the ability to inspire, where success is often defined by intangibles, goals can be behavioral, and metrics are harder to quantify. Since creating its not-for-profit practice in 1991, The Alexander Group has successfully completed searches for some of the most innovative, strategic, and inspirational leaders and board members in this sector.

Executives of academic institutions, research foundations, charities, museums, and other philanthropic organizations must be able to develop and execute visionary yet realistic action plans to ensure the success and sustainability of their mission. They must understand the role of volunteerism—a concept foreign to the for-profit sector. Board members must understand the organization’s vision, its mission, and the individual and collective contributions required of them. Directors must also use their financial power; they must use it wisely, but use it they must.

Executives and directors in the not-for-profit sector must have a particular set of skills, experiences, and personality traits, unique to the sector in general and to their organization in particular. Those crossing over from the for-profit world must understand that at once more will be expected from them but that they will wield less power to accomplish it. They will have less money, less staff, and more involved directors upon whom they depend for their fund-raising abilities. Persuasion and collaboration must be at the top of their skill sets. They must be passionate about giving, giving back, and accomplishing social good.

Our world-class research department creates a personalized, collaborative strategy for each not-for-profit search, whether for an executive or a board member, which allows us to find a universe of qualified candidates, including outside-the-box executives that other search firms may overlook.

The Alexander Group devotes the time and resources necessary to thoroughly understand your organization’s vision, mission, and challenges before embarking on a search for candidates. Our team assigned to your search will work closely, interactively, and collaboratively with your CEO, board, and search committee through every phase of the search.

We will identify leaders who share your values, understand your culture, and have the personality, experience, and shared goals indispensable to guide your organization. We look forward to partnering with you to attract and recruit those visionary leaders and board members.

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