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The legal profession is constantly evolving. Successful law firms have embraced technology and adopted best business practices. Law firms are no longer managed by a collegial group of courtly senior partners who divide their time between practicing law and running the firm. Today’s law firm executives—particularly those running large, global practices—are skilled business professionals, influential managers, and strategic negotiators. They have MBA after their names, not necessarily JD. It is a challenge to identify individuals with the right mix of business skills and personal chemistry who can successfully manage the business side of a professional firm in a highly competitive environment, which is why law firms frequently seek our advice in selecting the best business professionals to manage their firms.

The Alexander Group has been the leader in recruiting C-level executive and administrative talent for law firms for more than 30 years. No other search firm has our depth of experience. We conduct searches both domestically and globally for chief operating officers, chief financial officers, chief marketing officers, chief talent (human resources) officers, and chief knowledge management (IT) officers. Because law firms vary widely in size, scope, and culture, we tailor our recruiting process to meet each client’s specific and unique requirements.

Our search strategy involves thorough research that goes beyond our extensive database. We source our global network of corporate and profession leaders to identify highly qualified operating and administrative officers who have the right combination of education, skills, experience and chemistry to perform and succeed in each client’s unique environment. First, we identify candidates with the necessary background and experience for the position. Next, we employ our rigorous interview process to evaluate each candidate’s communication skills, leadership and management style, and personality traits, to evaluate how they would perform in our client’s culture. Then, we give our clients our written evaluation and assessment of each candidate and discuss each candidate with the individual or committee making the hiring decision. Only then do we arrange for our client to personally interview those candidates deemed best qualified for the position.

We understand conflicts of interest—actual, potential, and apparent. We are retained by our clients to represent them, and only them, in the search process. We take pride in building close and enduring relationships with our clients so that we will understand both their needs and their culture and recruit the best talent for their firms.

The universe of national and global law firms is constantly changing through internal growth, mergers, and acquisitions. Law firms are affected by both business cycles and their internal decisions. Their executive leaders must have a deep understanding of the profession and its business model, outstanding collaborative and communication skills, and a strong commitment to the firm’s culture.

For three decades, The Alexander Group has been the driving force behind many of the profession’s most strategic hires. We can help you build an executive team to manage the business side of your firm, so that your lawyers may focus on providing the best client services in the profession’s dynamic and highly competitive environment.