To compete in a market where the price of your product is both volatile and driven by market forces beyond your control, your competitive advantage will depend upon the skills of your scientists, your business leaders, and their abilities to deliver in fast-paced and ever-changing technological, economic, and political environments. For more than 30 years, we have helped both integrated and non-integrated energy companies across the globe identify and recruit executive leaders and board members with the skills and experience that make a difference and help our clients gain and keep that competitive advantage.

The oil and gas sector of the energy industry has its own unique challenges and opportunities. We get that. We understand that managing integrated O&G companies requires a different skillset than does managing any one of its categories (upstream, midstream, or downstream) or any of its non-integrated rivals. We understand that these sectors’ profit margins do not march in lock-step. The special infrastructure needs for the discovery or generation, transportation or transmission, and marketing, distribution, and delivery of energy, whether hydrocarbons, electricity, or renewables. Whether you explore for and produce, transport and store, or refine and distribute energy, we understand your business.

Our clients include both Fortune 500 companies and up-and-coming innovators. We know your industry. Our broad industry contacts, head-of-the-class research department, and extensive proprietary database, coupled with our experienced search consultants who have a passion for client service and a commitment to excellence, give us the competitive advantage that will help you gain and maintain yours.

We also know the growing role that renewable energy sources play in your industry, both as adjuncts to more traditional, hydrocarbon-based companies and as stand-alones. Renewable energy divisions and companies have their own set of challenges and require leaders with special skillsets. We can identify and recruit them.

Give us your toughest executive or board search. We are confident that we will deliver.