Board Searches

Today’s board of directors must consist of the right mix of skilled business, financial, professional, and public interest experts who exhibit a commitment to serve an organization’s stakeholders. Directors are chosen for both their individual skills and their ability to work in partnership with other directors and executive management. Some directors must possess special expertise required by law, regulation, and stock exchange rules.

Successful boards collaboratively employ their members’ combined knowledge and experience to meaningfully advise management and provide oversight in a way that adds value to the shareholders who they are elected to represent. Sometimes, the directors who make the most significant contributions are not necessarily the most obvious first choice, but the ones who are sought out for their special skills and compatibility with the company’s culture. Identifying them is where we particularly add value to the director selection process.

In the past 30 years, The Alexander Group has conducted dozens of director searches for public companies seeking qualified, experienced directors for their boards. We act as dedicated representatives for our clients throughout the search process. To identify leaders with the skills and experience to serve as directors, we conduct thorough and targeted research through our proprietary database and our global network of senior executives. Because every board of directors is different, we strategically identify candidates who have the special skills for each particular assignment and who also align with the board’s strategic vision and culture. We use a collaborative, consultative approach for each board search to identify, interview, and build relationships with candidates who bring the experience and perspective required. 

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