The Alexander Group Introduces TAGnet for Clients


I have always believed if a professional service firm isn’t being creative or seeking new ways to enhance the client experience it is going to be left behind. The Alexander Group has always strived to identify new and innovative ways to flawlessly serve our clients. We were one of the first firms to utilize personality testing to assess culture fit and, as many of our clients know, we remain a leader in utilizing social media in order to strengthen client relationships. 

On a lighter note, as many of you saw last month, we were one of the first firms to create a holiday card with a charitable giving component. I won’t mention our 4th of July video again, though some did characterize it as innovative while others told us to go back to search. And so we have. 

More seriously, we are continuing to drive to add value to our client relationships by introducing TAGnet, our client portal. TAGnet will enhance our clients’ experience by delivering confidential, real time information related to our clients’ searches. With secure, password-protected access to search updates, TAGnet is a seamless and transparent means of consolidating information in a centralized place.

We aren’t the first business to introduce a client portal and not even the first search firm. We have all grown accustomed to our brokerage firms, banks, and even our physicians offering a private website where clients (or patients) can access myriad sources of information in one location. 

So what does our client portal, TAGnet, have to offer that is new or different and that will benefit you the client? 

Client communication. TAGnet enables clients to communicate with us securely from anywhere, with real-time notification. During the course of a search, new candidates are identified while others are eliminated. Often times there are numerous stakeholders in multiple locations assessing candidates. Clients and TAG Consultants can log in 24 hours a day, and quickly and easily determine the status of a search, as well as other information relating to the search such as candidate salaries, resumes, interviewers, etc.

One of the most exciting features of TAGnet is that all search stakeholders can add comments to the search status or slate of candidates. All communications appear in chronological order in one central location, ensuring that everyone can stay abreast of the progress of the search.  

In addition, in the case of multiple searches for one client, TAGnet presents each user with an individualized synopsis of his or her searches on their dashboard after log-in. The portal also provides The Alexander Group additional flexibility in terms of responding to and addressing client needs as they arise.

Secure access. TAGnet provides convenient and password-protected, secure access to search information including Search Status Reports, resumes, our position specification and candidate professional assessments via any internet-enabled device. The Alexander Group Consultants can also quickly share updated information with both team members and clients.

Better than email. Importantly, TAGnet is more than just convenient: it offers increased security over other methods of electronic communication, including email. Standard email is inherently unsecure; as emails travel to their intended destinations, they traverse multiple servers and can be intercepted and viewed by virtually anyone with the proper technology and desire. And with TAGnet, clients no longer have to worry about printing multiple reports, hoping they are current, or perhaps leaving them on a plane or in another unsecured location. At The Alexander Group, we are committed to ensuring all client information remains confidential.

Results. We launched TAGnet in January of this year and are continuing to make enhancements to it based on client feedback. Clients who have begun using TAGnet have responded very favorably. One client remarked that “the only thing missing is a ‘Like’ button.” One member of a 12 person national search committee noted the ease with which members could share comments on candidates, enabling other committee members to follow the course of the search without myriad emails.  

We, of course, continue to innovate. We want to remain at the forefront of streamlining communications and processes aimed at improving our ability to help our clients succeed. We believe you’ll be pleased with yet another tool to make not only the search, but also the search process, enjoyable and efficient. We welcome your feedback.  

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