Thanksgiving Menu: Turkey, Gravy & Gratitude


I have always been a glass half full type of guy. And while all the stores have glossed over Thanksgiving and decked the halls with holly and sales, I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving and the opportunity to pause and feel gratitude. So with that in mind, I asked my colleagues at The Alexander Group what they are grateful for. Here are a few of their comments:

Memories to be thankful for at the TAG holiday party

Beth Ehrgott – New York Office

Grateful for surviving Hurricane Sandy and Irene back to back!!! Of course, my warm, loving, wonderful boys who constantly amaze me and make me so proud, longtime friends who I can always count on, good health and TAG!

Katy Schawe – Houston Office

My goodness, so many things to be thankful for! How about that both my family lives in the same city, so our holiday travel is limited! No need to brave the hoards of the rookie holiday airport travelers.

John Mann – Houston Office

I am grateful for my excellent health, beautiful family and a challenging yet rewarding career. Is it okay to be grateful that my hair is turning grey instead of falling out?

Sarah Mitchell – San Francisco Office

I’m feeling particularly grateful for my parents. They are still very healthy for the 70+ set, but I’m suddenly acutely aware that I don’t have forever to enjoy them. Even if they weren’t my parents, I’d still want to have them as friends.

Beth and her two sons

Tavia Ewen – Houston Office

I am grateful for my family (including canines) who are always happy to see me when I walk in the door at night. That my brother is doing well in college. I am grateful for my friends: work colleagues, high school and college. Nothing like talking to old friends for some perspective on who you are, where you came from, and what life is all about.

Pam Kutner – Houston Office

This year I am grateful that I don't have to cook as I will be in LA visiting my brother. I am grateful I still like my husband even though we no longer have kids at home, and yet another thing I'm very thankful for coupled with in-state college tuition!

Bill Lepiesza – San Diego Office

I am grateful that the San Diego Chargers will be mathematically eliminated from both the divisional and wildcard berth ahead of schedule this year, avoiding further post-season heartbreak. I am grateful that I am not a Lakers fan. I am grateful that they finally finished tearing up the street in front of our office and silenced all the jackhammers. I am grateful to be bringing a new little Lepiesza into the world, not grateful that the poor kid will have to learn how to spell that last name!

Miranda Nadeau – Houston Office

I am grateful for close friends, a supportive family, the cooler Houston weather, financial independence and stability, and for supportive, driven coworkers.

I’m grateful that the sky does not actually fall, even on those days when I’m sure it will. And that I can catch up on all the sleep I lose worrying about the sky falling.

David Hallahan – London Office

Although we don’t have Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my trouble and strife (clearly a British term) also known as wife, who doesn't mind the 4am wake up calls every weekend when I go to Manchester United matches!

Elizabeth Stuart – Houston Office

A ton of things to be grateful for; Alabama lost to Texas A&M; I learned how to cook at least ONE thing this year so I don’t have to bring ready-made mac ‘n cheese to the family Thanksgiving celebration; for everything in my life this past year – good and the bad – we learn from it all!

Victoria Abt – San Francisco Office

I’m grateful that I have a job that I love and live in San Francisco where there is always great live music. Most importantly, I’m thankful that I have great friends and family.

Jane and Sir Paul

Edward Bowling – Houston Office

Thankful for employment, my health, my coworkers, new opportunities and new friends, my family, US Military and Foreign Service members. Grateful that the Election is over and for the Atlanta Falcons.

Jane Howze – Houston Office

I am so grateful for the life I have been privileged to lead--the places I visit, the people I meet. I have a wonderful husband, family, friends and great cats --well sometimes the cats are great. And I'm grateful for my Coldplay and Sir Paul McCartney concert experiences and being able to write about my experiences. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with smart, dynamic clients, many of whom have become friends. I am moved by our talented and committed team at TAG, many of whom have been together for decades. And when all is said and done we all want good health, rewarding work and meaningful relationships. Yep, I'm a grateful gal.


Blogger John Lamar with his son

Ah yes, I almost forgot…what am I grateful for? A loving, sensitive son. A warm relationship with my former spouse which allows us to co-parent in committed way. My wonderful business partner of 20 years...we have built an amazing firm with top-notch colleagues and clients. The special woman in my life who brings a smile to my face every day and has taught me the importance of now. Dogs.

Gratitude is often lacking in our world today. We get so wrapped up in our own lives that we forget to appreciate others and how they enhance our lives. The power of gratitude is an amazing thing! It lifts the heart from set-backs that seek to weigh it down. It can turn judgment into acceptance, conflict into understanding, despair into hope, a stranger into a friend.

We wish all our clients and friends a Happy Thanksgiving and …oh yes…our gratitude will shift to our typical holiday zaniness in mid December as we introduce our The Alexander Group 2012 holiday video. Stay tuned.





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January 22, 2013 AT 3:29 PM CST

Matt wrote:

Happy Thanksgiving TAG!

Mouth Watering Media is thankful to have you guys as clients...we love working with you.

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