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The East Coast is dealing with yet another blizzard--airports closing, flights cancelled, and the government closed for the third day in a row (maybe not a bad thing). We reached out to our clients and friends for on-the-ground reports: Here is a sampling of their replies:

"I hate this stuff, but have closed our office here early (although I am still at my desk.) Our DC office is closed all day. It is wetter than I expected, and the snow is falling quite heavily now, but not really the storm that was expected I think -- at least in the City. This is the time of year when I really wish I lived somewhere with a better climate! SAD (Seasonal affective disorder!)"

Clifford Chance - New York, NY

"Dreadful puts a nice spin on it. Blizzard on top of last week's 2 feet. Gives me an excuse to get caught up and not leave my apartment office . . . but any day now, cabin fever will set in . . . ."

Consulting Firm - Washington, DC

"It's been a challenge to say the least. Makes you look smart living in Houston. Getting 21 inches on Friday/Saturday was ok as we had the weekend to get back to normal. Today's icing on the cake with 10 more. Limited staff, but know that productivity will be at an all time low."

Reed Smith - Pittsburgh, PA

"Never seen anything like it, and I am from Chicago."

NFL Players Association - Chicago, IL

"Indeed, you did well to make it out ahead of the storm. I have just canceled my trip to Vienna. I was due to fly out Sunday, but even though Lufthansa says the flight is on time, I actually think the incoming flight will be diverted to JFK or Newark. In any event, the roads are not safe for me to get to the airport in the first place."

Intercell - Gaithersburg, MD

"It's a winter wonderland here. I got back in town Friday from San Francisco - it took me 1 1/2 days to get home and I'm supposed to leave town Wednesday morning. Our office was closed Monday. We were open Tuesday, although some of the staff weren't able to get to work."

American Diabetes Association - Alexandria, VA

"Oh God. Its beautiful, but what a mess! We have no reason to be prepared to move 30 to 40 inches of snow off roads in a week, much less a winter. Thankfully our power has stayed on; some folks have been without power since Friday."

Patton Boggs - Washington, DC

"We are having a great time. We had sleet this morning. Now it's snowing and very windy. We were out playing in the snow until 10 last night -- hoping it slows down so we can go sledding."

Ballard Spahr - Philadelphia, PA

"It's miserable out there and it doesn't look like it's letting up anytime soon. Our offices are closed, as is our son's daycare. It's hard to work from home with a constant stream of "mommy mommy mommy" interspersed with Sesame Street On Demand in the background! It's times like these I'd like to move back to Houston! Hope all is well!"

Tyco - Philadelphia, PA


And finally, our favorite:


Simpson Thacher - New York, NY



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