However you want to label ain't pretty. A series of epic snowstorms have had the East Coast in its crosshairs these last few days. Many of our clients and friends continue to send us emails updating us on their situation. We think cabin fever is beginning to take its toll...

"Well, I consider myself lucky. We missed the first big snow, since I have been in New York since Friday. My house in New Jersey is okay (according to neighbors and my landscape guy who plowed.)It's beautiful here -- truly winter white. And I am stuck in for a snow day with my newlywed and dog. Could be worse."
Consulting Firm - New York, NY

"Holding up OK, but I can't take another day of being cooped up in this apartment. I don't care how long it takes me to get to the office in the morning, I'm walking there. I do have work to do, so it's not as if I'm doing it to get out of here. The only thing that has kept me sane is periodically going out to clear the sidewalk and front stoop. I want to shoot my neighbors when they beat me to it. Don't they know it's my job?????"
American Petroleum Institute - Washington, DC

"We are open. However, most worked from home today. Last weekend we had 30 inches. Today there was another 20 inches. It is mess. There is nowhere to put it. The wind is blowing hard with gusts up to 50 mph. The dog is the big problem. Had to shovel her out a spot or two in the back."
Unisys - Washington, DC

"Just came out of a meeting that started at 7 AM and it looks terrible outside....will try to get out of here by 5 PM......luckily I can walk home! I went to the Super Bowl in Miami this weekend and didn't want to leave....get me a job in Miami or Fort Lauderdale....many thanks!"
Hess Corporation - New York, NY

"We're doing ok. Had our Trustees meeting today and all went fine. Our big annual black-tie fundraiser is tonight, let's hope people can get there!!"
AmfAR - New York, NY

"Awful. Snow is very heavy, not the light stuff. I live 25 miles south of NYC -- we have 1' to 1.5' feet here."
Edelman - New York, NY
"We are under the most snow I have ever seen here. I am actually sick of shoveling and hoping to get back to work soon. Our office has been closed since last Friday and we are closed tomorrow."

World Wildlife Fund - Washington, DC


"We were without power from Friday until yesterday. I'm from Buffalo, so it takes a lot of snow to impress me. Color me impressed."
Gannett - Washington, DC

"Got out last night, as I have a bank meeting in New York tomorrow. It is BRUTAL here today."
Alvarez & Marsal - New York, NY


The following is a postscript from our friend at Alvarez & Marsal. After being informed that the weather at our San Diego office was sunny and 70 degrees he added:

"Two words for you....two words... and they ain't Felix Unger!"


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