Last Look at 2009



Many of them liked the card:

"That is one of the best and most thoughtful Holiday messages I have ever seen. Well done".

"Many thanks for the kind holiday greeting and the chance to select a charity. This is the right message for our times".

"Awesome card. Whoever managed to put this together is a creative genius."

Others commented on the production of the card:

"Tell John Mann he makes a great animated character."

"I thought John Lamar's hair was a little out of place in the video which is

Still others emailed us to tell us of their holiday plans:

"Frank and I are going to have Christmas with the grandkids. It is really hard to buy presents for so many grandkids but I have gotten advice that little boys like cars, trucks, planes and such so I am off to Target"

"Diane's dad passed away last week so it will be hard to get Christmas shopping done."

Seeing the name "The Alexander Group" reminded some that they had more pressing matters on their mind.

"Did you ever complete the search for the HR executive in Atlanta? Just curious"

"Thank you for the holiday wishes. Please find my resume attached. I am interested in an opportunity with a private equity fund covering the Korean market."

"I think your card missed the mark because I am unemployed."

Finally we got many emails telling us why the recipient chose a particular charity:

"I have always loved dogs and am happy to give to any charity benefiting animals."

"Our soldiers deserve support. Thank you for recognizing this."

But the one that will stay with us for a long time as we enter the New Year was as follows.

"My son was diagnosed with cancer of the eye as a baby. By age six he was legally blind with his eyesight continuing to fade. It was devastating for me to think of him losing his eyesight as a result of the radiation treatments. I wrote to Make A Wish who sent my son and our family to Disney World in Florida for a trip none of us will ever forget. Make A Wish is a wonderful charity and it's great you are donating to them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

A few weeks have gone by and we are still overwhelmed by the wonderful feedback we received. Here's one last look at the Holiday Card of 2009



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