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Last week, we "blogged" about Googling yourself to manage your profile and discover what someone would learn by Googling you.

Taking our own advice, we decided to Google "The Alexander Group" ( It was an interesting exercise. As we discovered, many other firms, companies, organizations are also fond of the name "The Alexander Group." Word of advice, if you are looking us up, we are The Alexander Group that specializes in executive recruiting and I am proud to report the first website option given in 576,000 results.

However please note, we are NOT The Alexander Group who "teaches people with addiction and recovery obstacles to change and grow" (, nor are we the "design-build firm with over 75 years of construction experience" ( We are also not a Telephone and Equipment Systems dealer, we do not sell forklifts in North Ireland and, contrary to another namesake, we are not seeking an Ultrasound Supervisor in Phoenix. We have not diversified our service offerings to include Warehouse and Equipment & Material Handling services and we have not achieved TeleVantage Elite Partner status. In addition, while all of us here at The Alexander Group enjoy having a good time, we do not sell adult entertainment --- at least as a new firm service offering.

So, if you see a truck rolling down the motorway in North Belfast, know that it's not us. And, while we are grateful for our success, we still believe in pursuing new business, unlike the London marketing boutique firm, who proclaims "we do not chase new business."

We ask that you just remember us for who we are: the best search firm in the world, the first firm that pops up on your Google search, and the only The Alexander Group with a fan page on Facebook.

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