Any Advice for Tiger Woods?


We are in the advice business--the business of helping clients solve problems. Who to hire? When to hire? How to structure a position and similar questions, both large and small. I watched Tiger Woods' news conference Friday.Immediately after its conclusion, nearly everyone had advice for Tiger. Indeed, by Saturday morning, a Google search of "Advice for Tiger Woods" yielded 15,000 results. We thought it would be interesting to synthesize the advice and see if there were any common themes.

The Detroit Free Press tells Tiger to "walk away from the game of golf for 2010."  Taking a one-year leave of absence would be the right move and perhaps help him find the necessary answers.

The New Zealand Star Times echoes this advice but puts it in the framework of the legendary Ben Hogan who took a year from golf to rehabilitate from physical injuries and returned stronger than ever.

The Sydney Morning Herald urges Tiger to get to the golf course pronto.''I'd be back out there and ready to go and face the music and let my golf clubs start doing some talking and answer the questions when you get out there.''

British Golfer Nick Faldo agrees. The three time married and divorced CBS analyst reckons the best therapy for disgraced American World No. 1 golfer Tiger Woods is to get back on the golf course with Elin and the kids in tow, however reluctant they may be.

The New Jersey Star-Ledger goes a step further and believes Tiger, having asked for forgiveness from fans, should give something back to them. What is it that should be given back? Well, for starters, Tiger should give more autographs.

An addiction specialist feels Tiger Woods should focus on his recovery. DNA (Digital News & Analysis, one of Southeast Asia's largest publications) clarifies by saying "Tiger must let go and flow into the process." Going from psycho babble to gobbledygook, NBC analyst Johnny Miller says "Going forward, Tiger needs to say what needs to be said."

Donald Trump, now on his third marriage says "I would recommend Tiger just call his marriage a bad experience, say bye-bye, go out, be a wonderful playboy, win tournaments and have a good life."

With Woods reminding us that Buddhism is his religion, it was only a matter of time before exiled Buddhist leader Dalai Lama was sought out for advice. Though the Dalai Lama had never heard of the golf superstar, he said "all religions have the same idea on adultery and self-discipline is important."

Not to worry Your Holiness, Tiger now knows only too well that a lack of self discipline didn't work for him.

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