What Does 2010 Hold--Your Comments


Two weeks ago, we wrote a blog interviewing executives about what they foresaw in 2010. We asked for responses. The following is a sampling:

"I am optimistic and am hopeful that the national economic downturn is
going to ease. I think that the stimulus package and the government's response will gain traction and I am hopeful that we will be off to the races in 2010." Steve Tragash, Vice President of Corporate Affairs for a major pharmaceutical company

"I was laid off earlier this year and just crossed four months of unemployment. I have taken my time to explore different opportunities in different industries. Since the first of July, I have noticed that things are beginning to change and that more opportunities are opening up. I think we will continue to see a positive turn into 2010. In my field, chemical companies can only go so long before having to make investments to sustain operations." Paula McLemore former Vice President, Environmental and Safety for Philip Services Corporation

"I am seeing things pick up and I think people will be careful moving forward. From a marketing perspective, which is typically first to go and last to come back, companies will continue to market but in a much smarter, cautious and cost effective manner. I hope that we see companies refocus on client service take good care of their existing clients." Christine Hollinden, President, Hollinden Professional Services Marketing

"With regard to executive hiring, 2010 will continue where 2009 left off. Companies will continue to upgrade talent in their current organization, replacement hiring will continue and additions to head count will be limited." Human Resources Executive with a Fortune 100 company

"As an American and as a teacher, you have to be optimistic. And I want to be optimistic. Kids do not understand business cycles but we as adults have to create safety. I'm optimistic about the health of the country for 2010." Myron Greenfield, Teacher, Houston, Texas 

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