Planes, Trains and Wild Taxi Rides


There is no such thing as a typical business trip for a road warrior. Last month The Alexander Group Managing Director, John Lamar traveled from Houston to Nashville to Newark. How difficult could it be? Here is his account:

The morning starts out with a flight from Houston to Nashville. I notice that the pilot of my Express Jet is reading "Us Weekly", which keeps him busy for more than 15 minutes. This shot (you can see his checkout line magazine in the picture) was taken merely moments before we pushed back. Is this part of the preflight checklist?

Arrive in Nashville. Had reserved a mid size car from Hertz with Neverlost (GPS). Only car available was a subcompact lemon colored number, or"Circus Clown car" without even a map. Get lost for 30 minutes. Park car far away from potential client's office for fear of embarrassment.

Client meeting complete. On to Newark. Unfortunately, flight delayed four hours.





My seatmate on flight from Nashville to Newark is a pilot. This picture was taken after we landed in Newark before he flies a 737 to Kansas City, scheduled to depart in less than half an hour. Jolt of landing not enough to waken him.



Unfortunately my cab driver from airport into Manhattan is much more interested in where I am from rather than where he is going.



Finally headed home. Here is a picture of my seatmate en route to Houston. At 9 a.m. he has downed two Jack and cokes and a bag of Lay's all before we push back. 

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